Sir Guy of Gisborne

Sir Guy of Gisborne, played by Richard Armitage. Evil, nasty, but with a soft spot for Marian. I wrote one of my first fics about him in an effort to understand why the character did something that seemed to all the fandom as though it were out of character.

Guy is a man who seems to need constant approval, who seeks stability. And is it any wonder? When Guy was a teen, his father, who supposedly died in a battle in the Holy Land, returned to England; the man was a leper. His mother was having an affair with Robin of Locksley’s father. Guy accidentally started a fire that supposedly killed all three of the adults and ran off, chased from the village with his young sister to survive on their own. He returned to France (the country of his birth), but nothing is said of the how or the what happened then. I assume that things were…difficult at best, being the sole means of support for his sister and himself, a man with a title but no lands or money.

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