Allan A’Dale

Allan A’Dale, played by Joe Armstrong. Rogue, scamp, BS artist. And hero of my Thieves series, the first novel-length story I ever wrote. Allan’s father was a blacksmith, nothing is known about his mother. Allan has a brother, Tom, who used to thieve with him until he thieved from him; Allan was a bit upset by this turn of events. Not as upset as the Sheriff of Nottingham, who had Tom and his latest cohorts arrested and hung on charges of being “Robin Hood’s men”.

Allan was later captured by the sheriff’s lieutenant, Sir Guy of Gisborne. Sir Guy tortured Allan for information and forced him to become a spy to Robin and the gang. When Robin found out, he kicked Allan out of the gang; to survive, Allan went to work for his former torturer, thereby working for his brother’s killer.

In the end, though, Allan redeemed himself by saving the gang from certain death.

My Thieves series begins when Allan is working for Sir Guy and gives a different storyline to his redemption.

(Picture screen-capped by me from the Robin Hood BBC series. Series available on Netflix and from

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