A good friend of mine on another website had a wonderful idea–she was going to collate all of her research websites into one place and break it down by subject. Personally, I thought this was a great idea. Personally, I thought it was such a great idea that I’m going to use it, too. You may be confused; you would not be alone, so I shall try to be clear about the why of this.

Q: Can’t you just Google the information?

A: Of course. How do you think I got it in the first place? But if I need it again, I don’t want to have to search again. Or if it’s something she’s already researched and I know it, I can simply pop over to her website and click on her links.

Q: Haven’t you ever heard of bookmarks?

A: Yup. I’ve also heard of failed back-ups and crashing hard drives. Believe me, this is personal experience talking here. I’m not all that great with technology, so any and all help is really, truly necessary.

Q: Isn’t that what Wikipedia’s for?

A: Oh, I’ve been guilty of using the Wiki, and sometimes it is quite helpful. However, they don’t always have the level of info that I’m looking for.

With those things in mind, I’ll be building research pages as I go. Anyone who has any constructive ideas, I’d love to hear from you. At this point, I plan on putting each story as a parent page with the research genre below it (medical, green energy, space travel, etc). I may instead wind up putting the genre as the parent pages and use child pages to indicate which stories I used the information in. I’m still working on it. 🙂

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