My OCs

One thing I didn’t like about the shows was that they had a very limited circle of acquaintances. I decided to rectify that by adding love and conflict. Some of my original characters, or OCs, have been quite popular. Writing them into the show-based fiction gave me a chance to do some Character-building 101 and led to me beginning to write my own fiction with my own characters in my own worlds.

Some of my OCs have been minor characters, while others have gone so far as to try to hijack entire stories. *wags finger in their direction* “You know who you are and what you’ve done.”

What gives me oodles of warm feelings is the fact that my OCs have been so accepted among my readers. From love interests to villains, and a range in between, people have commented with “I love her!” or “I hate him” enough to let me know that I’m doing my job as a writer. My characters, the ones that I created, have struck a chord, have made them sigh, curse, laugh, or gasp.

All of my OCs have been created in the recesses of my brain, developed as the story was written. Some people sit down and draw out a character sketch–I do not. I find a picture that resonates with my character and go from there. Quirks, likes, dislikes, etc, all develop along with the story.

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